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Smoked Pork

Boston Butt, Ribs, Pork Belly, Ham, etc.

Eastern NC Chopped BBQ Pork image

Eastern NC Chopped BBQ Pork

What sets this BBQ apart is its authentic Eastern NC flair. Picture this: succulent Boston butts, meticulously slow-cooked over a blend of apple wood and hickory, then generously coated in that tangy vinegar-based sauce. It's a savory symphony that captures the essence of tradition with every tender, flavorful bite.

By the Pound


5 lbs.


Smoked Turkey

Sauces & Condiments

Eastern NC BBQ Sauce image

Eastern NC BBQ Sauce

Dive into the flavors of Eastern North Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce! Crafted with a tangy kick and a spicy punch, it's the quintessential sauce for pork aficionados and barbecue enthusiasts alike. Passed down through generations, this traditional sauce guarantees to elevate your barbecue game to new heights. And don't forget, it's not just perfect for pork; it's also a great companion for your chicken dishes. Pick up a pint today.


Southern Baked Beans image

Southern Baked Beans

Not much to say here as these are quite possible the best baked beans you may ever have the opportunity to eat. Made with a variety of beans and seasoned with molasses and bacon.





BBQ Slaw image

BBQ Slaw

This is a traditional Red Slaw, also known as barbecue slaw. It features a sweet and tangy red vinegar-based dressing making it the ideal slaw to pair with chopped pork.





Southern Cornbread image

Southern Cornbread

Just a classic southern cornbread that’s lightly sweetened and made extra moist with buttermilk.

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